It is so important for me to have my own space to work and make art. I just need a spot where I can shut the door and be alone with my thoughts and my art. A place were I won’t be interrupted and I can just paint without distractions.

Right now my studio is a small section of my bedroom. I have my two easels set up and a drop cloth over the carpet. I have all of my paints in arms reach so that I don’t have to leave to go grab supplies. I also keep plenty of surfaces near by.

There are some huge limitations to having such a small space. I have to keep my work small. I just don’t have the room to work on 5 foot paintings. It all have to fit on my easels. I’m also limited in the mediums that I can use. I can’t use oils or paints with fumes in such a confined area.  There is also the trouble of keeping the area clean. Because I rent this apartment I can’t be throwing paint around or hanging wet paintings on the wall, I definitely want my deposit back you know!

Even though my studio has it’s problems I make it work.  I keep things tidy and in arms reach. I clamp extra lighting to my dressers vanity mirror.

In the future I hope to rent an apartment with a spare bedroom or office to work in. Or when I own my own home I’ll build my studio and it’ll have big windows, lots of wall and floor space and a sink so that I don’t have to leave to wash my brushes.





My little sister recently moved into her very first apartment. Horray! She asked me for an autumn landscape to hang on her wall. Now I never paint landscapes and I’m not very good at them but I’ve decided to post pictures of how the painting progressed over time.

DSC01406 DSC01407 DSC01408 DSC01409 DSC01410 DSC01419


16″ x 22″ acrylic.

I’m sending this home with her on the plane when she comes to visit me, so I’m making her stretch it herself when she gets home.

From the Sketchbook

August 27, 2013


This is a combination of two famous drawings. It is done is chalk pastels. It was a really fun exercise to try and combine from multiple sources into a single image.

Every Tuesday I post an older work from my portfolio or a sketchbook drawing. It is important to look at our previous work so that we can see how we’ve grown and improved.

Tiny Studio Space

August 22, 2013




This is my itty bitty little studio area. It exists in just a small corner of my bedroom.  Just two easels and some floor space. It isn’t much at all, but at least I have some small area that I can just close the door work in and not worry about cleaning up and putting it all away at the end of the day.