I’ve. Just. Got. To. Go. Paint!

I know I’m not the only one who has trouble getting to work in the painting studio. Of course I just want to go and relax all night! It’s so fun just to sit in my pajamas drinking a cocktail and browsing the internet, or watching TV. I never seem to be in the mood to paint before I start actually doing it. I want to make artwork, but finding the motivation to get off my ass and just do it is a different story. In fact, I’m having trouble doing it right now!

Some action needs to be taken. I have goals I want to accomplish, and time passes whether I’m working towards those goals or not. Like it or not a year can pass. If I’m closer to accomplishing those goals depends entirely on taking action now and being consistent throughout the year. It’s sooo daunting, but I know I’ll feel amazing when I see my paintings finished and hanging in an art show.

No one is going to give it to me, I have to take it!

Success doesn’t usually just fall into someones lap. You can be the best at something but you aren’t guaranteed success unless you are taking action.  Seriously, name me one successful painter who didn’t put in the hours in the studio.



I paint myself frequently. In my paintings you’ll constantly see my nude likeness. Honestly it is a source of stress for me. It makes me nervous because I get so worried about what others might think of it. It may seem silly to some people but I can’t help thinking “oh what will my mother think of this!” Or maybe I’m afraid that my work will seem narcissistic and self centered. I even worry that the meaning of the paintings is totally different now that I paint myself and not some other girl.

I use to paint my friends, but I don’t have the same access to them anymore, nor do I have the means to go and hire a model. Painting myself is just so convenient!  I’m always around and I can take my own direction perfectly!

Okay I admit it. Being my own model has it’s limitations. I can’t control the camera when I’m taking photos, and it’s much harder to get a sense of that the light and shadows are doing before I take the photo. But hey I’m the only one I got for the job right now so I’ll make it work!


It is so important for me to have my own space to work and make art. I just need a spot where I can shut the door and be alone with my thoughts and my art. A place were I won’t be interrupted and I can just paint without distractions.

Right now my studio is a small section of my bedroom. I have my two easels set up and a drop cloth over the carpet. I have all of my paints in arms reach so that I don’t have to leave to go grab supplies. I also keep plenty of surfaces near by.

There are some huge limitations to having such a small space. I have to keep my work small. I just don’t have the room to work on 5 foot paintings. It all have to fit on my easels. I’m also limited in the mediums that I can use. I can’t use oils or paints with fumes in such a confined area.  There is also the trouble of keeping the area clean. Because I rent this apartment I can’t be throwing paint around or hanging wet paintings on the wall, I definitely want my deposit back you know!

Even though my studio has it’s problems I make it work.  I keep things tidy and in arms reach. I clamp extra lighting to my dressers vanity mirror.

In the future I hope to rent an apartment with a spare bedroom or office to work in. Or when I own my own home I’ll build my studio and it’ll have big windows, lots of wall and floor space and a sink so that I don’t have to leave to wash my brushes.

Tiny Studio Space

August 22, 2013




This is my itty bitty little studio area. It exists in just a small corner of my bedroom.  Just two easels and some floor space. It isn’t much at all, but at least I have some small area that I can just close the door work in and not worry about cleaning up and putting it all away at the end of the day.