Painting Myself as the Subject

September 5, 2013


I paint myself frequently. In my paintings you’ll constantly see my nude likeness. Honestly it is a source of stress for me. It makes me nervous because I get so worried about what others might think of it. It may seem silly to some people but I can’t help thinking “oh what will my mother think of this!” Or maybe I’m afraid that my work will seem narcissistic and self centered. I even worry that the meaning of the paintings is totally different now that I paint myself and not some other girl.

I use to paint my friends, but I don’t have the same access to them anymore, nor do I have the means to go and hire a model. Painting myself is just so convenient!  I’m always around and I can take my own direction perfectly!

Okay I admit it. Being my own model has it’s limitations. I can’t control the camera when I’m taking photos, and it’s much harder to get a sense of that the light and shadows are doing before I take the photo. But hey I’m the only one I got for the job right now so I’ll make it work!


5 Responses to “Painting Myself as the Subject”

  1. Rahburt Says:

    i think you make a pretty subject too :). and i think it’s normal that you worry about the things that you do.

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